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Vaccine fevers

Americans are being told that a manufacturing problem in a U.K. pharmaceutical plant has led to the U.S. shortage of flu vaccines. Americans aren’t being told (and we aren’t either) that the real manufacturer at fault is a U.S. government agency, the Centers for Disease Control, along with the World Health Organization and other vaccinate-anything-that-moves ideologues that have fabricated a phony crisis over the flu vaccine.

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Rise of a ‘zombie’

Put yourself in the shoes of Raisa Deber, a professor of health policy at University of Toronto and one of the medical establishment’s leading strategists and defenders of medicare as we know it. Imagine that, like her, you are rock-sure of your position. And that your peers in Canada’s medical establishment – academics and administrators who have the ear of government bureaucrats – overwhelmingly share your perspective, particularly about the evils of anything that smacks of private sector involvement in health care.

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