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Romanow’s nether regions

Roy Romanow recommends expanding medical services to rural communities to address the appallingly poor health of rural Canadians. This recommendation, he says, conforms to his goal of being “evidence-based and values-driven.”

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Medical savings accounts live

In a sound publicly funded medical savings account system, Canadians would receive annual health allowances based on their age and sex as well as their medical condition. These allowances, which would exceed their expected medical needs, would in most years allow Canadians to save money, which they could then use to meet medical needs that they now often cannot afford, such as prescription drugs and home care. And the system would cost the government no more than the current medicare system.

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Fixing health care from the bottom up

It isn’t brain surgery. Fixing medicare only seems complicated because the health-care bureaucracy devises convoluted reforms to maintain its control over one of Canada’s largest economic sectors. Any top-down plan will inevitably be next to impossible to administer efficiently. Continue reading Fixing health care from the bottom up