3 thoughts on “Everyone’s a millionaire in Joe Oliver’s revolution

  1. Wow. Do you actually believe yourself?
    This tax break, much like any tax break, will have to be made up somewhere else in order to fund general gov’t expenses and balance the book. So, contrary to the Tea Party utopia that you’ve painted this tax break is completely at the expense of the general tax base. It’s rather basic but worth repeating: If I pay less tax then someone else will have to pay more tax to compensate otherwise we have an unsustainable gov’t. And the reality is that the wealthy, who don’t need the help, will be the most likely to have the means to take full advantage of this tax break. The lower class will simply not have the spare income to reap the full benefits. Thus this is a tax break which disproportionately favours the upper class much like income splitting. Everyone from Jim Flaherty to the Parliamentary Budget Office have acknowledged this fact. Please try to exercise more objectivity in the future as articles such as these seriously compromise your credibility.

    1. TFSAs favour the little guy. The upper class is full of millionaires. A $10,000 TFSA means nothing to someone who is affluent; it can mean the world to someone who is not.
      You also act as if the tax base is fixed. It isn’t. The level of taxation can rise or it can fall. I’d like to remove inequities in the tax system, starting with tax breaks and subsidies to corporations.

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